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Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventures

A FEW MORE WORDS ABOUT CAPTAIN ANDY’S #SAILINGADVENTURES: It’s a blast! You go out on this big catamaran and sail all around the south side of Kauai. You catch the boat in beautiful Popui  (and since you’re over in that area you might as well go see the blow-hole known as Spouting Horn–there are only two of them in the world supposedly).  
After a little sailing, Captain Andy’s catamaran will stop in a pristine bay where the water visibility is usually 60 to 100 feet. There you can do some incredible snorkling, where you can feed the fish that come in all kinds of colors and sizes. Definitely get one of the fish-feed sticks that they hand out, and have the fish all over for lunch! Ha! Bring your underwater camera for some killer pictures of the fish all around you. Also, some turtles have been known to hang out too, and they will check you out. It’s awesome. Then, he will feed you a nice island lunch on the boat and you will sail back to the dock and have many pictures and stories to tell your friends.
Remember the story I tell in my book, about that other “sailor” and our “adventure” on the coral? Well, that was an image for my friends, but not a good one. What a jerk. Har de har har! 
Captain Andy did NOT pay me for this blog post on #travel tips, #kauai, #snorkelinghawaii 

Kauai Adventures: Tips from an insider

In my book, Dust in the Wind: Real FEMA Disaster Stories, you get insider information about visiting the most beautiful of #Kauaidestinations, The Sleeping Giant. I share a little secret about that mountain… the cave, the small plateau, how to adventure to one of the most impressive views imaginable. Here on my website, I plan to share other adventures with you so that you can go and enjoy them yourselves! It is so important to do these things in life. If you’re going all the way to Kauai, you might as well get insider tips on seeing it all. (If you want to know the secret about The Sleeping Giant, you have to buy my book. Ha!)

Here, I’m going to tell you about two beautiful natural spots— you’ve seen them in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park, and now you get to see them in person yourselves!

hawaii waterfalls

Wailua River – The only navigable river in all of the Hawaiian Islands, this exists because of its fortuitous location at the base of a large mountain that happens to be the official wettest spot on earth. It rains on the mist-covered top of this peak every day, and those waters feed what are known as the Seven Sisters. These are the seven waterfalls that tumble down the sheer sides of the ridges and slopes. Several of them culminate in the Wailua. I spent many enjoyable hours waterskiing this pretty stretch of water, and when you take a boat ride up to Fern Grotto, you’ll recognize places captured in movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park among others. It also has a fantastic rope swing just past the Fern Grotto.

fern grotto, Robert Winter


Fern Grotto – This is a naturally occurring amphitheater that is covered with a veil of native ferns. Dangling down from the ceiling and enhancing the acoustics of the grotto, this spot is popular with many visitors. Bill Gates got married there and the place is home to many feral cats as well as loads of wild chickens.


And speaking of chickens, here is another insider tidbit: Chickens – I know this sounds like an odd must see item in Kauai, but the island actually has more chickens per square mile than almost anywhere else on the entire planet. In my years of living there, I saw tens of thousands of chickens, and a lot of people are actually quite charmed by the mother hens that walk their cheeping little chicks up to strangers in order to get a handout.