About Robert Winter

hugoRobert Winter is a born protector. Whether he’s bodyguarding in Vegas or assessing the damage of a hurricane, he’s always been there for the A-list celebrities and the “everyday people.”

As a world karate champion, he gives back to the community by teaching rape prevention techniques to women; he has traveled the country working as a bodyguard for a single American flag that was part of one of the most famous incidents in baseball history, but he has also spent the last 25 years heading into federally declared disaster zones to help the everyday people. Within 24 hours of the President of the United States declaring a disaster, he’s on the ground and the conditions are usually pretty bad.

Robert has been able to make miserable accommodations (assuming they were available) bearable to ensure that the victims of natural disasters are able to get back to “normal” lives as soon as possible.

However, for those who  know Robert, they often think he could use a bit of protection from himself as well. He is an adrenaline junkie and daredevil ready to go diving amongst great white sharks, diving for abalone, bungee jumping, and waterskiing. He even spent half a year in Antarctica diving beneath polar ice. He was awarded the Antarctica Service Medal by the National Science Foundation and the Antarctica Service Medal by the Department of the Navy in 1991 for his contributions to the exploration of Antarctica.

After 25 years working as a FEMA inspector, Robert felt that it was time to tackle the biggest challenge of all – writing a book about his experiences and knowledge of the field post natural disasters.

Obviously, sitting for months in front of a computer is not easy for someone who thrives on action. However, he has now drafted about 1,200 pages of stories, 359revealing the details of life working for FEMA and much more. With his efforts, he hopes to help as many Americans as possible to prepare for any sort of disaster, to know where their tax dollars go and to understand how to get the best results should you become a victim of a natural disaster.

Despite his adrenaline junky ways, Robert was a good kid and he thanks his mom for all of her sacrifices in raising three boys. As a full time wife, she was a loving mother and independent career person. Not only did she pass on life skills such as cooking, but she also passed on compassion, love and happiness. She was the mom that all your friends longed for.

In his free time, Robert enjoys sparring in karate tournaments, waterskiing dozens of times per year and snorkeling in Northern California or for lobster in San Diego. He also enjoys camping, which always reminds him of surviving in the aftermath of disaster.

While it’s never easy watching people wipe away the tears of pain and anguish during a disaster, Robert strives to help and give back to those people whether there in person or through his knowledge and experience.

Today, Robert is always prepared to fly into a disaster zone and, in the meantime, he bodyguards for celebrities in LA and Las Vegas.