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Former FEMA Inspector Robert Winter Announces Official Release of Dust in the Wind and Start of Book Tour

Robert Winter, a 25-year FEMA veteran, has officially announced the release of his memoir, Dust in the Wind: Real FEMA Disaster Stories in print and eBook versions

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 25, 2014 – Robert Winter, the contractor turned FEMA inspector, has today announced the official release of his memoir, Dust in the Wind: Real FEMA Disaster Stories in print and eBook forms. The book contains a wealth of stories from the front lines of disasters all around the US over the past 25 years, as well as vital information for anyone who might be potentially caught in an earthquake, flood, the path of a hurricane or other disaster.

“I’ve compiled a tremendous number of stories,” said Winter, “Many are heart wrenching. Others are heartwarming and show the power of community and the indomitable human spirit in the end. However, these aren’t my stories. I might be relating them, but, ultimately, they’re everyone’s stories.”

Dust in the Wind: Real FEMA Disaster Stories is available as an ebook via Amazon’s Kindle platform, Smashwords in all available ebook formats as well as paperback via CreateSpace.

Stories of real people faced with real adversity and tragedy fill the pages of Dust in the Wind: Real FEMA Disaster Stories. Winter went to great lengths to ensure that the book not only accurately portrayed both scenes of devastation and triumph, but that it included information that only comes from years of experience on the front lines of emergency response and management. “I really wanted to create a book that gives people the big picture,” added Winter. “It’s not all about the impact on the lives of those who made it through situations like Katrina. It’s about what others can do to help safeguard and protect their homes, lives and livelihoods. It’s as much about preparedness as it is about awareness.”

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Winter is also beginning his book tour and a radio campaign. The first book signing will be held December 6th at 12-6pm at Winchell’s Pub & Grill in North Las Vegas.

About Robert Winter: Robert Winter is a 25-year veteran FEMA inspector, bodyguard, world-karate champion and protector, and Dust in the Wind is his eye opening, behind the scenes memoir.

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